A screencast series of zombie-themed games
written with Clojure and ClojureScript.

Episode 1: Lying in the Ground

Starting with an empty folder, we'll lay the technical groundwork for our game. We'll get a Clojure web server up and running, compiling and sending ClojureScript to the browser.

Episode 2: Frontal Assault

In this one, we create most of the front-end code. We take a look at the data structure that describes the game, using that to build up our UI.

Episode 3: What Lies Beneath

The player has only one action available; revealing a tile. We'll start implementing the central `reveal-tile` function on the backend, writing tests along the way.

Episode 4: Waking the Dead

Matching a pair of certain tiles, like zombies and fog, has adverse effects. We continue working on the core game logic.

Episode 5: Re-animated

We've created the UI rendering code, and we've made some progress on the backend game logic. It's time to wake up the beast, connecting the client and the server through web sockets.

Episode 6: Quickly, hide!

We can now reveal tiles, but they're never turned back. We'll have to keep track of time somehow, so the player gets a chance to see the tiles before they're concealed again.

Episode 7: Eaten by Zombies

It's time to die. Last episode we introduced tick to turn back tiles. But that is only a secondary feature of the tick function. The main function is counting down till your brain is devoured by ravenous zombies. So there.

Episode 8: The Hour of Reckoning

We're trying to make it out alive in this last episode. Revealing all five houses takes us where? To safety? Let's hope so.

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